My Top 5: Food Network Star Susie Jimenez

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Each Monday in “My Top 5, we showcase an enterprising Houstonian who is making things happen in our great city. In turn, they shares their own favorite things to Houston, and pass a few extra tips along the way. This week we get some top Houston picks from Susie Jimenez, chef and runner up in the seventh season of “Food Network Star.”

My Top 5 Things to Do in Houston

by Chef Susie Jimenez

  1. Houston’s Culinary Competitions – There are so many great culinary festivals in Houston. I regularly get my calendar out, mark those dates and invite friends to see what the chefs are showcasing around the city. It’s fascinating to see the creativity of Houston chefs as they get together, create and put their best work out there. I have participated in the Curry Crawl and the Culinary Carnival, which was an interesting one because everything had to be on a stick. They were so much fun. The chefs drink beers together, talk about work, their dishes and then it’s time to fire the food and compete to win.
  2. Running Memorial Park – When the weather is nice out, I always like to get some exercise in. I love to run in Memorial Park, especially with my dog Gunner!
  3. Shopping at Central Market – Since I like to change my menu so much, I don’t want to buy cases of produce. I really enjoy walking around Central Market and tasting their seasonal products. They are a real inspiration to me.
  4. Oysters at Danton’s in the Museum District and Liberty Kitchen in the Heights – I love oysters, not only because they are light and refreshing, but they also allow me to go about my day without feeling extremely full. I go to two places. At Danton’s I get a dozen oysters on my own with their Barbara Lee Margarita. It’s made with olive juice and it pairs so well. When my husband and I get to have a date night, we also enjoy Liberty Kitchen in the Heights. We make them go a bit crazy because we want to get two of every kind of oyster on the menu so we can try them all. We share a bottle of Sauvignon blanc and are ready to attack the oysters.
  5. Burgers at Beck’s Prime on Kirby – I enjoy relaxing before work at Beck’s Prime. Their burgers are so delicious. And when you can have one with a cold beer, you can’t go wrong.

About Susie Jimenez

Runner-up season seven of Food Network Star, Chef Susie Jiminez was raised with a proud Mexican heritage and grew up picking fruit with her family along the California coast. At a very young age, she learned to cook classic Mexican dishes with her extended family. Joyful and vivacious, Susie has a renowned flair for cooking healthy, modern Latin-inspired dishes.

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