Pay respects at the World War II Memorial in the Heights

houston heights world war ii memorial
Photo credit: 365 Things to Do in Houston

Tie into the history of both Houston and the greatest generation by paying a visit to the World War II Memorial on Heights Boulevard, just south of the intersection of East 11th Street.  

Started in 1989, the Heights’ John H. Reagan World War II Memorial Plaza is worth checking out. Whether you just respect world history or have a family member, friend or other association with someone who served in the war.

The memorial features a semicircle wall, filled with names of Houston Heights soldiers who served in World War II, and highlighting the 224 young men who were killed in war. It’s a somber, peaceful and hopeful spot to review those who came before us and those who are yet to come.

Photo: 365 Things to Do in Houston

In addition to the memorial wall itself, you’ll find the central obelisk with a globe of the world, which may channel you back to a time when international travel from Houston wasn’t an everyday matter-of-fact. There are also 23 bollard surrounding the memorial, each conveniently telling the story of World War II while also serving as a defense to the memorial itself if a wayward car were to drive into into the esplanade.

World War II Memorial in the Heights

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