Indulge in a Paleo meal inside or on the patio at Corner Table

Photo courtesy of Corner Table

Update: Corner Table is permanently closed.

Enjoy a fresh Paleo meal at Corner Table, located in the heart of the former Brownstone location in River Oaks. 

With a main formal dining room, a cabana style patio and private dining, Corner Table incorporates many of the building’s unique architectural elements and designs. By night, the restaurant offers table service and fine dining, while at day is operates more like a fast casual restaurant, allowing patrons to get in for a great meal and move on with their busy days.

Featuring fresh and organic meats and produce, Corner Table is the first Paleo restaurant in Houston, featuring Paleo-friendly recipes and gluten-free options, including gluten-free pastries for dessert. The food is delicious enough in its own right that you’ll still think it’s decadent.

The Paleo Movement

Corner Table’s Paleo menu is based on the Paleo diet that has become a popular focus of healthy living. The philosophy focuses on the foods that humans could hunt and gather through much of our history. They include wild game as well as naturally growing fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The diet shuns the processed and prepackaged foods that have become staples of the American diet, and produce documented harm to those that consume them. Click here for a look at Corner Table’s Paleo menu for adults and kids.

Corner Table Restaurant

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  1. I’d love to go to the VIP dinner! It would be great to see who else in Houston is going paleo & perhaps be among the first to sample as some new/ exciting dish! I’d like to bring my boyfriend- he needs to eat better & see that eating like this is actually delicious!!

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