Add 10 love songs about Houston to your playlist

Check out Destination Soundtrack’s 10 love and relationship songs about Houston.

Last year we shared a list of Top 10 Songs about Houston created by the folks over at Destination Soundtrack. In honor of Valentine’s Day and the romance and turmoil that can come from love, heartbreak and relationships, we’re pleased to share their list of 10 love songs about Houston.

Even though the site focuses on picking top 10 songs that together personify a place, it also serves as a full resources for songs about great cities in the United States and overseas.

Love Songs about Houston

  1. Houston, Texas – Archie Bell & the Drells (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  2. Houston Town – The Belleville Outfit (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  3. Houston (Means I’m One Day Closer To You) – Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers Band (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  4. Houston Chicks – Doug Sahm & The Tex Mex Trip (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  5. Brown Arms in Houston – Orpheus (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  6. Bloody Mary Morning – Willie Nelson (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  7. Houston, The Action Town – Weldon “Juke Boy” Jonner (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  8. Fueled for Houston – Wilson Phillips (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  9. Houston – Soul Coughing (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)
  10. Houston (I’m Coming to See You) – New Found Road (iTunes | Amazon | YouTube)

Check out their full list of Houston songs, with more than 120 entries – including a few real oddball tunes about or involving H-Town.

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