Soar above Lake Conroe on a water-powered rocket

Photo courtesy of Lone Star FlyBoard

Strap into a FlyBoard and rocket up 11 to 35 feet above the waters of Lake Conroe with the help of Lone Star FlyBoard.

The unique FlyBoard system, recently featured in the final season of HBO’s East Bound and Down, utilizes a 55-foot hose that shoots high pressure water from the bottom of the FlyBoard. Riders in turn rocket into the air powered by two forceful streams of water. The jets are controlled by a simple system that you can use to fly with the greatest of ease.

All fliers must complete a 15-minute safety and operational instruction course. Certified instructors accompany the flights to be sure that any problems are kept at bay.

lone-star-flyboard-lake-conroeLone Star FlyBoard on Lake Conroe

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