See BooTown’s curious shadow puppet theater A Curio Show


See The Curio Show, an original shadow puppet production from BooTown inspired by the myriad stories behind eight curios in a cabinet, at a Mid-Main location between Tuesday, January 14 and Saturday, January 18, 2014.

The show was inspired by a recent trip to New York taken by BooTown’s artistic co-director Lindsay Burleson. There she delved into the history and re-emerging trend of curiosity cabinets.

A collection of tiny, handcrafted shadow puppet pieces which used to create larger-than-life performances.

“Cabinets of Curiosities, popularized in the 16th century, were actually rooms that resembled museums. Later on in the 18th century, the concept was contained, so to speak, and dubbed curio cabinets,” explains BooTown’s website. 

Featuring a cast of shadow puppets made entirely by Burleson, The Curio Show takes a close look at eight fictional curios and traces the backstories that brought them to the same cabinet. The entire performance is done by projecting the shadows of these intricate and clever puppets onto a surface.

Houston musician Mlee Marie provides a live score for each performance with keyboards and a flute.

BooTown is an edgy and irreverent indie theatre institution founded in 2007. The company produces a series of monthly storytimes, Benshi shows, several plays and other creative works designed to engage new theater audiences in non-traditional venues. Click here to learn more about the organization.

BooTown presents The Curio Show

  • Dates: Tuesday, January 14; Friday, January 17 and Saturday, January 18, 2014
  • Time: Tuesday 8pm; Friday 8pm and 10pm; Saturday 8pm
  • Location: A borrowed empty store front on Mid-Main, 3603 Main, Houston TX 77004 (across the street from Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails)
  • Admission: Pay what you want for tickets when you purchase them at the door. All proceeds go to support BooTown.

Photos courtesy of BooTown