Relax and escape the bustle at Menil Park in Montrose

Photo credit: David Van Horn via Creative Commons

Find this great little escape between St. Thomas University and The Menil Collection. Come for the cool sculpture and stay for the atmosphere.

Spend some time in this hidden gem in the heart of Montrose and enjoy the tranquil nature that this green space offers. Sometimes, the personality and vibe of our favorite destinations can’t be captured in words. That’s how we feel about Menil Park.

Usually, we love parks because of the amenities they offer: playgrounds, water features, dog runs. Menil is unique in that people flock to this green space not for the structures added by man but for the tranquility of the park itself Maybe it’s the close proximity to the Menil Collection or the public art on display. Maybe there’s some feng-sui that creates the peacefulness. Whatever it is, Houstonians love to gather here.

We suggest taking a stroll through The Menil Collection before you visit the park. It’s free and you can usually find parking in the free lot or on the street. Dwell in the beautiful building and enjoy the art. Go alone, take a date, or round up the kids. After you browse the pieces, head across the street and soak up the tranquility. Bring a blanket and visit one of the food trucks that frequent this spot on the weekends or simply pack your own picnic. Expect to see kids playing ring around the rosie, couples enjoying a quiet moment, groups of young adults mingling, and the lone reader escaping into a good book.

Whether you are looking for a quick spot to stop and play with the family or some solo quiet time to rejuvinate, Menil is the place to go.

Menil Park

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