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Escape the rain and soggy playgrounds and retreat to the free indoor play areas of the local malls. Let your children climb and explore at the Memorial City, Katy Mills or the Galleria.

When the weather is too wet, hot or otherwise unfavorable, these little indoor gems can provide a welcome opportunity for the kids to burn off excess energy without having to pay entrance fees to the bounce houses and other indoor playgrounds.

Memorial City Children’s Play Castle | 303 Memorial City Way, Houston, TX – Climb to the top of this castle that is every kid’s dream tree house. Lots of climbing and sliding opportunities and a bench for mom. This play area is closed off with one entrance and exit manned by a security guard to ensure the number of children stay within a reasonable limit. So there aren’t too many monkeys in this barrel of fun, which most guardians appreciate. Hand sanitizer is is located right next to the shoe storage and yes, even the grownups have to remove their shoes.

A bonus for this play area: the family bathroom has a tiny toilet so even the smallest tot can feel independent when they use the facilities. If you want to splurge for the double-decker carousel, be sure to buy tokens before heading to the line. It’s two dollars to ride and each rider gets a ticket for a Great American Cookie after the ride.

Katy Mills  | 5000 Katy Mills Cir, Katy, TX ‎- Travel west down I-10 to Katy Mills for a soft foam play area perfect for crawlers and smaller tots. The camping themed tent and camp fire are great for the smallest adventures who are crawling and pulling up. On the other side of the area is the buildings and trees that provide stairs, climbing, and slides for the more robust toddler. There are benches along the perimeter of the enclosed play area and a place for shoes to be stored by the single entrance/exit. This area is usually not too crowded so there’s no need for a security guard to man the population.

The family bathroom is located by the food court which is a short stroll around the ‘neighborhood’ of the mall. There is also a nursing station for moms with nursing children. The nursing station has wall-mounted toys to keep older siblings entertained.

The Galleria | 5085 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX – Bring your tot back inside the Loop for a pint sized adventure. The Galleria does not disappoint with their mini-mall play space. This teeny replica of the Galleria allows tots to climb over Niemen’s, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and William’s Tower.

The family restroom and Mother’s room are close by for a quick potty break or nursing session before heading home. There is also an aquarium by the restrooms where the older ones can watch the sea life while waiting for their family and friends.

We love our Houston area indoor play lands for our kids. We also love them because they are free and clean. Where is your favorite free Houston indoor play areas?

Photo Credit: Jess Leigh

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