Encounter an authentic Hawaiian hula

polynesian-paradise-dancers-in-houston october 2013

Jet back to 1959, when Hawaii was a brand new state and tourists arrived to see a pure form of the islands’ native hula dancing presented by the Polynesian Paradise Dancers at the Frenetic Theatre on Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19, 2013.

Veterans of 10 international tours and performances in 31 states, the Polynesian Paradise Dancers are bringing their lively and mesmerizing Hawaiian hula dances to Houston for two nights only. Although the tongue-in-cheek, time-traveling jetliner intro may strain credibility, the dance performances themselves are gracious, authentic and utterly enchanting.

polynesian-paradise-dancers-in-houstonPolynesian Paradise Dancers present Postcards from Paradise

Image credit: Polynesian Paradise Dancers

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