Suit up for Friday night lights

houston high school football schedule
Photo: Ed Schipul via CC

Grab a seat in the stadium and cheer on your neighborhood high school football team. Not sure where to go? Lean on the Houston High School Football Schedule 2013 found below.

The new school year has officially started and the area football teams are ready to hit the field. So we’re pleased to connect you with the Houston High School Football Schedule 2013. The teams have been hard at work honing their offensive and defensive plays during the summer practices and will showcase their talent with the opening games this week.

The football players aren’t the only ones who deserve cheers for their hard work. The bands have also been practicing through the summer to be ready to energize the team and entertain the fans. The drum lines and marching bands are an integral part of the Texas high school football game. So are the cheerleaders and dance teams. These guys and girls provide plenty of action between plays and at halftime to keep the team and fans pumped up.

The Houston high school football schedule is pretty packed. Houston ISD boasts 9 5A and 14 4A high schools playing at three stadiums, Barnett, Delmar, and Butler. The games generally kick off at Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 7pm when the high temperatures begin to give way to pleasant evenings. Pack a picnic dinner for your family or indulge in the stadium food for sell at the concession stand. And just down I-10, you can see Katy High School, who just won their seventh state title and the National Championship last season.

If you missed high school football or aren’t from Texas, this your chance to experience the thrill of Texas’ infamous Friday night lights. The glare of the lights, the crashing of the pads, the thundering cheers, the booming marching bands, and the popcorn wafting through the stands…

High school football season has arrived.

Houston High School Football Schedule 2013

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