See Homeland inspiration at Israeli Film Series


See the program that captivated Israeli audiences and served as the inspiration for the award-winning Homeland on Showtime when the pilot episode of Hatufim (Prisoners of War) is screened on Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 7pm.

The one-hour pilot episode that began the drama laden series is being showcased in a special one night screening as part of the 2013 Summer Israeli Film Series, taking place at the Jewish Community Center of Houston.

Hatufim, which means kidnapped in Hebrew, debuted in 2010 and remains Israel’s all-time highest-rated drama. Prisoners of War opens with two soldiers, Nimrod and Uri, returning home after being held in captivity for 17 years after being caught on a secret mission in Lebanon. A third soldier is flown back in a coffin. The captivating series follows Nimrod and Uri as they attempt to slip back into the lives they were yanked out of nearly two decades prior. The twists and turns are reported to make its American offspring Homeland pale by comparison.

The show won the Israeli Academy Award for Television in July 0f 2010.

Summer Israeli Film Series presents Prisoners of War (Hatufim)

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