Grab a seat for world premiere of new play Exit 27


Be sure you’ve got a seat for the world premiere run of Exit 27, a finalist in the 2012 New American Voices Play Reading Series which explores the true stories of the Lost Boys of Utah from Thursday, June 28 to Saturday, July 6, 2013.

The Landing Theatre Company of Houston is the first to stage this noteworthy and original play. Moving and thought-provoking, Exit 27 tells of young men who’ve been  excommunicated from Utah’s Fundamental Church of Latter-Day Saints for sins such as kissing a girl, listening to music, or watching television. Dealing with normal teenage and adolescent challenges, these young men also must confront the strict guidelines of their society, as they hope to earn forgiveness and rejoin the church that cast them out.

A limited number of free tickets are available for the show. The tickets are comped (FREE), but a small service fee (about the price of a coffee) must be paid to reserve them.

exit-27-play-houston-tickets-landing-theatre-companyThe Landing Theatre Company presents Exit 27

Dates and Time: Select nights from Thursday, June 28 to Saturday, July 6, 2013; 8pm

Location: O’Kane Theatre, 1 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Admission: $20 full price; FREE or discounted $10 admission for the same seats on select nights.

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