Enjoy the show at Studio Movie Grill’s Children’s Summer Series

Sit back and relax with the kids at Houston’s Studio Movie Grill. The Children’s Summer Series is just kicking off. Shows times are Monday through Friday at 11 am and tickets are $1 for kids and $2 for adults.

Studio Movie Grill is a fantastic place to escape the mid day summer sun, grab a bite to eat, and be entertained. The Children’s Summer Series features a different movie each week with classics like Sesame Street: Follow that Bird and newer favorites such as the Lorax. Both Houston locations are offering this series through August 23, 2013.

Never taken your kids to a movie?  No problem. Studio Movie Grill is a great opportunity for a practice run. The theater is full of caretakers and their charges, so no one is going to judge you when your kids sing along loudly or leave before the finale so you can get home before nap time.

Also, there’s food. Not only can you skip pulling together lunch for the day (hooray!), but you order from a menu at your seat and it’s brought to you. This is great news to those who have little ones who would be tempted by the candy in the glass display case conveniently at a three year old’s eye level. It’s also a bonus that you don’t have to precariously balance drinks, lunch, kids, and a purse while navigating through the theater. Studio Movie Grill also features healthier menu options like grilled chicken strips and fresh fruit instead of the requisite hot dog and popcorn, although they serve those as well. And they are good.

Get your tickets at the box office for the summer series. The ticket prices are so low that they don’t offer them online.

Houston Studio Movie Grill Kids Series

Photo credit: Studio Movie Grill

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