Hit the bar at OKRA, for charity

Photo credit: 365 Things to Do in Houston

The good people at OKRA Charity Saloon know how to run a bar, and they’re doing it out of the goodness of their hearts (well, mostly… They’re having fun too).

Have you heard about charity bars? As the New York Times reported this week, they’re beginning to spring up around the country. And each one brings its own twist. Here in Houston, we’ve got one of the best and most progressive of the lot – OKRA Charity Saloon.

OKRA (Organized Kollaboration on Restaurant Affairs) is near Market Square Park in the northern end of downtown. All proceeds go to charity. For each drink you buy, you get to vote for one of four charities. At the end of the month, the charity with the most votes gets the all of the month’s proceeds.

The bar has an awesome pedigree, and doesn’t skimp on spirits, local beers, or ingredients. OKRA members include Anvil Bar & Refuge, Poison Girl Cocktail Lounge and Revival Market.

OKRA Charity Saloon

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