Suggest An Event

Are you a Houstonian with an upcoming event or something that truly cannot be missed?

Our editors and writers are always interested in hearing about new, one-of-a-kind activities in the Houston area. If your event is open to the public (either free or through ticket sales), we’d love to hear from you.

We typically highlight events and activities that are happening within the next two weeks, and more often within this week or this weekend. However, most of these lists are prepared more than two weeks in advance. It’s unlikely that a last minute submission will be noticed.

Types of Event Stories & Content on 365 Things to Do in Houston

  • Event Calendar Listings – These brief calendar listings are added to our searchable Calendar. Listings are free, but we don’t currently have the capacity to add all submissions, even though that’s a goal we are working towards. Instead we strive to maintain a mix of event options for any given week. Our Boosted Calendar Listing program allows event organizers and advertisers to jump the line and have their event added right away. This also increases event visibility in search and social media, with the addition of an event graphic, flier or photo for $50. This program will help us expand our Calendar and include more nonprofit and other other civic events across Greater Houston. Click here to learn more or order a Boosted Calendar Listing now.
  • Spotlight Stories – Spotlights are website articles that cover a single event, destination, business, or topic. Our editors and contributors select which topics and events to cover in greater detail each week. Most Spotlights are published a few days before a given event and all are shared in our social media and emails. We also offer Sponsored Spotlights, which are paid for by the advertiser. These are clearly marked as Sponsored Content, and have proven to be an dramatically effective promotion strategy for many local events and advertisers. If you’re interested in advertising, contact us for our media kit, including reach, demographic, and psychographic data, plus special media memberships for marketers and public relations professionals.
  • Lists & Features – These include our recurring features like the 365 Weekend Guide, Top Things This Week, My Top 5, and other themed lists. These are almost always created editorially, although it’s possible that a list could be Sponsored Story if it remains on topic with our core values.

Advertising + Sponsored Content

Our event advertisers tell us that our campaigns, which mix Sponsored Content with Display Ads on our website and in our emails, are the most effective advertising they do.

If you would like to drive early ticket sales, drive trial and generate awareness for your event or product, email us at [email protected] and ask about our Sponsored Spotlight Stories, Display Advertising and Email options. Advertisers get more exposure and see strong results. Click here for more information.

Submitting Events For Consideration

To submit your event for consideration, please email our editors at [email protected]. Include the name of your event, the location, the dates, and a couple of sentences explaining what makes it special. Although this does not guarantee inclusion, including the following details can improve the odds of coverage.

Unfortunately, we cannot reply to every submission nor guarantee coverage as we have a tight staff and receive hundreds upon hundreds of email requests each day. But we constantly strive to offer our readers a mix of interesting attractions, events, destinations and other details about our great city.

Required Information for Event Submissions

  • Event date
  • Time
  • Location (include a full address)
  • Admission Price
  • Official event website, Facebook page, Twitter account or other online page that will have updated and current information about the event (including cancellations, rain postponements, etc.).
  • Phone number (please specify whether this is for public use or strictly for follow-up questions)
  • We do not publish event fliers, logos or any other graphics to our Facebook page or as the main image on any story on our website. Events without adequate photography cannot be highlighted individually on our website or Facebook page.

Best Submission Practices

  • Include several large, high-resolution photographs (minimum size of 1000 x 585 pixels). Photos don’t have to be professional but they do need to look good. The better they are, the more appealing they are to our editors – and the more likely they will be included.
  • Include a photographer name or business name for the photo credit. We prefer to credit the photographer when possible. If you submit a photograph, then you are agreeing that you have the rights to grant us use the photograph from the original photographer.
  • Submit events that are less than a month (and more than a week) away.
  • If you submitted an event months before it was scheduled, please feel free to submit it again one to two weeks before the event date. We will probably miss it otherwise.

We cannot promise coverage. If there is a fit, then an editor may reply asking for more information. We try to cover a wide variety of activities, events and groups in Houston, but we do not attempt to cover everything. A lot of factors go into selecting what we feature. So if your suggestion wasn’t covered that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good enough or that future similar suggestions won’t be featured.