Grab something sweet at Fluff Bake Bar in Midtown

Photo: Julie Soefer

Drop by former Top ChefJust Desserts contestant Rebecca Masson’s confection-happy sweet shop Fluff Bake Bar for delicious treats and pastries. 

Photo: Julie Soefer

Rebecca Masson’s Fluff Bake Bar curates a menu focusing on a rotating list of 15 seasonal tarts, pastries, pies and cookies that are available each day until they sell out.  Items include Fluffernutters, French macarons, black and white cookies, hobnobs, moonpies and more.

For this new offering, Masson has revisited some of her favorite combinations for inspiration, including Veruca Salt (a heavenly mix of devil’s-food cake, salted caramel butter cream and pretzel crunch); carrot cake with half-baked cheesecake, cookie butter buttercream, hazelnut crunch and candied carrots; her Meyer lemon tart and more.

The coffee program will round off the experience with local favorite Katz’s Coffee.

Fluff Bake Bar